Picuntu and usb ethernet adapter driver

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Picuntu and usb ethernet adapter driver

Postby revolutions3000 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:58 pm

Hi! I have a MK802III LE with Picuntu. I need an ethernet conection so I bought an usb ethernet adapter.
Here is the adapter:
http://www.cloudsto.com/mk802-accessori ... etail.html

It has a cd with a driver called "asix" for linux. This has a .c file, a .h file, makefile and readme.
The first thing I tried to do was compile the asix.c file and it gives me an error: cannot cd to /lib/modules/3.0.8-alok+/build. I realized that build was a shortcut to a directory that doesnot exist.

the readme inside the directory says I need the kernel source installed in my build achine. I found the kernel source here:

I used it because the command "uname -r" returns "Linux 3.0.8-alok+".
I put these kernel source in "/home/parallels/rk/picuntu3.0.8-alok" (where build shortcut was pointed).

Before that I tried to compile again and this said I need to do "make oldconfig && make prepare". For that I has to do an shortcut for "arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc" and finally I installed the kernel source, I think.

Again I do make for compile axis.c file and gives me some error in .c file, something like a struct dont have a requested value (sorry, I havent the complete error here, but it was a compilation error).

so I tried with other driver, the rd9700 and qf9700 and I got the same error. I tried with an modification for qf9700 and finally it compile succefully.... but in usage the command insmod says that isnt commpatible.

btw, I feel I was totally lost. I need the ethernet adapter. I use it in MK802IV with android and work only plug and play. I realized Picuntu dont recognize the adapter and I dont know how to do it works.

Please, help me

PD: I am not a native english speaker. Sorry the mistakes
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