Introducing the Cloudsto MK802III LE and MK802IV LE - Mini Linux ARM PC's


mk802III LE


Due to the overwhelming amount of interest from users wanting to run Linux on our mini PC's we are pleased to announce Rikomagic and Cloudsto Electronics have launched two new Linux Mini PC's, The Cloudsto MK802III Linux Edition (LE) dual core, and the Cloudsto MK802IV LE Quad Core, making them the first ever mini PCs to run Picuntu (Ubuntu) Linux out of the box.


The Cloudsto MK802III LE is available now and is a tiny computer based on the popular Rikomagic MK802III that packs a powerful 1.6Ghz dual-core ARM processor, it's ideal for development and hobby use, or for those that want a low cost any screen Linux computer. The Cloudsto MK802III LE Mini Linux ARM PC has a useful 1GB of RAM, built in Wifi, 2 x USB ports and is fast enough to run a full Ubuntu desktop OS (Picuntu)


The Cloudsto MK802IV LE Quad Core Linux Mini PC is available to order now! find out more about cloudsto MK802III LE





How does it work?


The Cloudsto MK802III LE plugs into any HDMI compatible display or TV and is powered by one USB cable. Simply plug in, connect a keyboard and mouse, turn on and enjoy the world of Linux on any display.




So what is Picuntu?

Picuntu is a Linux distribution optimised for ARM devices, basically its a version of Ubuntu Linux which is the 3rd most popular operating system in the world... and whats more, its FREE... and so is all the software for it!
The Picuntu OS is provided on a 16GB Micro SD card with each MK802III LE. Simply insert the SD card into the MK802III LE, turn on and you are good to go.
When you start Picuntu you land on the desktop, a familiar place to be if you are used to Windows and Mac computers. From here you can browse the internet, check mail, manage files, create documents, make websites, edit photos, listen to music and much much more with the many built in applications. If you fancy doing more you can launch the Ubuntu software Center and download 1000's more applications specifically designed for ARM Linux.


Its a real computer, theres no constraints!!!

Picuntu Desktop   Mk802III LE Chromium Browser


So many uses...


The Cloudsto MK802III LE is an unbelievably flexible platform that can be used as a standalone computer or as a device for carrying out dedicated tasks, for example it could be set up as a local file server, webserver, media player, digital signage device or whatever Linux application you need a small low energy computer to run. Anything is possible and with the growing popularity and support for Linux on the internet there are now more tutorials than ever before to help you integrate the device into your project.



Powerful and efficient


The Cloudsto MK802III LE Mini PC is so small it can be easily taken from place to place and used anywhere there is a display available, it also runs on a fraction of the power that a traditional PC uses and can replace it in many applications freeing up space on the desk and reducing energy bills. No longer do you require an expensive Windows PC to simply browse the web, send emails and edit word documents or excel sheets. You also don't need to worry about viruses either as Linux is one of the most secure operating systems in the world.

MK802III LE Ubuntu Software Center   MK802III LE Abiword

Developing the World


The Cloudsto Mini Linux PC makes for a solid development platform allowing access to developer tools only previously found on desktop class computers but at the price of a cheap tablet.
Many of the things you cannot easily do on a tablet computer like author websites, edit files, write code and create applications you can do on the Cloudsto MK802III LE, and with such a low cost of entry, it really is accessible to everyone in every economy helping to build the next generation of software developers and engineers.


Open Source


The Cloudsto Mini Linux PC was made possible by open source software and remains open source so developers can easily improve upon the basic OS or add additional features to make better use of the hardware.



Order NOW


The Cloudsto MK802III LE and MK802IV LE are available to order now with DHL Express shipping worldwide.

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