MK05 and external touch screen

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MK05 and external touch screen

Postby EpicCntr » Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:57 pm

If you try to connect the MK05 to an external touch screen like this one from Chalkboard Electronics, you will find that it doesn't work. The reason is that the AMLogic-based MK05 firmware (unlike the Rockchip-based MK902ii for instance) doesn't include the hid-multitouch linux kernel driver.

Browsing through the internet, I found a solution in an unexpected place: In the forum for the Minix Neo X8-H, which is also an AMLogic-based device with the same kernel version (3.10.33) as the MK05, there is a thread where user Wal provides a compiled kernel module which works on the MK05 as well. You can download it once you register for the forum.

The downloaded zip file contains two files: hid-multitouch.ko (the kernel module), and Vendor_04d8_Product_f724.idc (input device configuration file for the 7"/10" touch screen from Chalkboard Electronics).

The idc file should be copied to /system/usr/idc. In order to do that, you need to remount /system in read-write mode. This can be done with ES File Explorer, or as shown below, from the command line, e.g. in Terminal Emulator:
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> su
> mount -o remount,rw /system
> cd /folder/where/you/unzipped/
> cp Vendor_04d8_Product_f724.idc /system/usr/idc

If you have a different touch screen, you will need to obtain the idc file from the manufacturer or create one yourself. In the latter case, you will need to issue the lsusb command to infer the vendor and product codes appearing in the filename.
Next, test loading the kernel module:
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> insmod hid-multitouch.ko
This command should return without errors, and if your touch screen is properly connected, it should now respond to touch input! Note that, in the case of the Chalkboard Electronics screen, you need to flash the multitouch firmware first, as explained here.

Once you have the touch screen working, follow these steps to load the hid-multitouch kernel module automatically on startup:
1. Create the folder /system/lib/modules, and copy the hid-multitouch kernel module there:
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> mkdir /system/lib/modules
> cp hid-multitouch.ko /system/lib/modules

2. Create the file /system/etc/ as follows:
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> echo "insmod /system/lib/modules/hid-multitouch.ko" >> /system/etc/

3. Give the same permissions as, and test that the script works by running it.
4. Finish by remounting /system read-only again:
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> mount -o remount,ro /system

Good luck!
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