CWM Recovery Installation + CM9 & CM10 for original Mk802

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CWM Recovery Installation + CM9 & CM10 for original Mk802

Postby KEgg » Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:45 am

Just in case you're not familiar with what CWM is, and what it can offer us now and in the future. Have a read ::

MK802II owners should step back and think twice before trying to install CWM or CM9/10. There are various reports of success (with CWM) and disasters (CWM & CM9/10).
I wish I could help to confirm if this is the case, but at present do not have a 802II.

To install CWM..

Download CWM

CWM for 802's using Android 4.0.3 (Stock Firmware for original Mk802) ::

CWM for 802's using Android 4.0.4 (FW rev2) ::

Make sure you have the most recent versions of BusyBox and SuperUser installed (not really important to do this. It's just good practice to keep up to date)

Busybox ::
SuperUser ::

make sure that both apps are up to their current releases and not using legacy(superuser) or 1.18(busybox)

Install Script Manager or similar app for running scripts. ... wsMSwyLDNd

extract the and copy the .sh files and .img to the /sdcard/

open SManager click on the

Menu will open, and make sure the 'su' is highlighted and click run... this will install the CWM img.You'll see a terminal window open, and it will go through the process.

Then to reboot into recovery.. click on the again make sure it has root permission set by clicking 'su' and run the script.. the Mk802 will then reboot happily into recovery.

CWM does work perfectly.. and have been able to do nandroid backup with ease and restore my Mk802 to its previous state after doing a quick flash via LiveSuit. goodbye Titanium :)

remember.. if you do flash via LiveSuite (which we will all do over next week or so) you will need to re-install CWM..

CMW use..

You can use a USB wireless mouse and keyboard plugged directly into the Mk802 (usb hub will not be recognised)..

Move mouse up and down or arrow keys on keyboard to highlight selection and left click mouse to select or left arrow on keyboard.. right arrow to go back a menu... simplez ;)

Main issue most will face when it comes to the Upgraded firmware and CWM, will be that the CWM menu will now display incorrectly. This was caused by a change in the kernels cedar. You will be faced with a screen split into four views, and every other selection made will blank the screen.. generally just keep an eye on the top right screen.(Fun_ is also working on fixes to his CWM and the quad split 16bit colour display issue)

Keyboard Navigation :: Arrow Keys
    UP and DOWN to highlight option
    Left Arrow to select option
    Right Arrow to return to previous menu

Mouse Navigation ::
    Move Up and Down to highlight option
    Left Click to select option
    Right Click to return to previous menu

If you have upgarded to the new firmware and want to downgrade to your previous install, even though this is possible, you will run into the issue of an unmounted sdcard, due to a change in the sdcard partition size in the latest upgrade. CMW wont be able to restore the sdcard side of the backup properly. but OS works perfectly.. I'm looking into seeing if there is an easy way to remount the drive after restore. (this wont happen if you're restoring a backup of the most recent FW)

Last note.. if you want to restore fully to your previous firmware (003 or 001), you will have to flash the Mk802 via LiveSuite with the actual firmware first, then reinstall CWM. Best thing to do is keep a copy of the apk files and CMW script/img on your exstd... just in case u want to do this as quick as possible.


Mk802II owners should think twice before installing, as a specific compatibility zip for Mk802II will probably be needed to be made for it to work correctly.
If you have made a Nandroid backup via CWM for Mk802II, head to Christian Troy's XDA thread, see if he is willing to create one. You will need to give him access to the boot.img from your backup.

CM9 links::

Christian Troy's XDA CM9 thread ::

CM9 Nightly builds ICS :: nightly build)
or flavour)

gapps ICS ::

CM9 Mk802 ICS Compatibility zip ::

CM10 Preview links::

Christian Troy's XDA CM10 thread ::

Its now reported that HW video acceleration is working.. Having tested it myself on a few file formats I'm not 100% convinced, even if MX player says so.. Netflix seems to be dead in CM10.. please report if you experience the same

CM10 Build 2012-09-09

gapps JB ::

Mk802 JB Preview Compatibility zip ::

Copy the zip files to somewhere on your external sd... (you can place them on your internal if you wish, but by default the install from sdcard will look at your external)

If this is your first install of CM9/10 Wipe data/factory reset.. then install (install zip from sdcard) in the order above (or face a boot loop and the joy of having to flash via LiveSuite ;))

if updating Compatibility zip first wipe cache and dalvik cache (dalvik wipe is found under advanced)

Even though bluetooth gives you the impression that it works straight out of the box, It has been discovered that the compatibility zip (at the time) is missing a module from it.
To fix issue, head to
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby ruffnutts » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:37 pm

Thanks KEgg and chesterx of course :)
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby emolitor » Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:33 pm

Why not use fun_'s latest version at the following link? (Huge thanks to fun_ who coded this up and has been working on supporting AllWinner devices for quite some time!) ... 716/MK802/
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby emolitor » Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:45 pm

You may want to grab the latest version of fun_ work the link above is old.

- Eric
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby scorpio16v » Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:53 pm

On my keyboard with integrated touchpad with mousebuttons, arrow keys up/down works for selecting an option and left mousebutton to confirm.
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby ruffnutts » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:58 am

Well I Installed the CMW all when fine but how do you boot into it when you need to or do you have to do that method every time?
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby KEgg » Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:45 am

yep you have to run the

if you're using SManager, you can also downloaded their widget app. This will allow you to create a shortcut for a script you can place on your home screen. Makes life a little easier.
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby » Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:50 am

Someone can post a image for download of the new firmware to use with CWM? The liveSuit does not work for me :cry:

please, I reset de mk802 and now the free space goes to 0,00KB, no more install apps from market. The file in "" still crash the mk802?
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby tr3s » Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:32 pm

Instaled the new rom and in my opinion it's just magnificent! It's a lot faster than the previous one, for example Angry Birds Space just plays at full speed (no more choppy animations). The market has more compatibility than the previous version and the ability to choose the output format makes the displaying in large monitors just great! :D

But now i have two questions:

I've installed the Clockworkmod following the steps that KEgg posted but when i boot into recovery i can't install any zip (been trying to install gapps, for example, talk, contacts, calendar, etc...). Also, it can't mount the internal sdcard unless you have an external sdcard inside the slot. Bue even when it mounts the sdcards, no files are found! I've already flashed the 3 most recent recoveries available and all have the same behavior. I would really like to have calendar, talk and contacts in my mk802!

Also, does any one been able to get market to work correctly, i mean, removed that annoying "device is not compatible" restriction message? Can't update Facebook, and a bunch of other apps... already changed the build.props file, unistalled market aupdates, deleted cache(s), replaced vending.apk with one of those from XDA... but nothing seems to work on 4.0.4.... :(
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Re: CWM Recovery Installation

Postby twjordo » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:39 pm

can one of you members that are using cwm verify if the sd rom install procedure works on the mk802 or z802 PLEASE

thank - you
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