rikomagic v5

Introducing V5, Our Fifth Generation Mini PC


Five generations strong, we have defined ourselves as the leading Mini PC on a stick in the market, the latest generation features the powerful new Rockchip RK3288 SOC which delivers unrivalled performance in the most demanding applications. The V5 will deliver with ease; rich multimedia content in upto 4K resolutions, the most advanced 3D graphics in the mobile device space and the fastest compute power seen yet in this form factor. Now available with Android or Ubuntu 14.04 preinstalled.


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v5 on any screen

Plug in to any screen for an instant smart display


The Rikomagic V5 is a small powerful computer that connects to a TV or screen via its HDMI connector and has wireless connectivity to allow connection to the internet and other wireless devices. The Rikomagic V5 runs the latest version of Google Androidâ„¢ (Kit Kat) which gives you access to a huge selection of apps, its a bit like turning your TV into a giant Androidâ„¢ tablet!


Rikomagic can be used as a media center to play HD films on a large display, it can also be used as a games console, desktop computer replacement or as a professional digital signage solution. Rikomagic is controlled by a wireless controller, simply plug in a wireless mouse/keyboard and you can browse the web, check emails, blast some zombies, listen to music or download a movie right from the comfort of your arm chair.



Small and Powerful


The new Rikomagic quad core V5 is small enough to fit in your pocket yet depsite its small size we have managed to fit the blazingly fast RK3288 SOC inside for game changing performance, It's the fastest device we've ever produced and it even rivals some top end tablets!


The V5 has built in Wifi 802.11ac, Bluetooth LE, Gigabit ethernet and is powered by a mains adapter (included).



  rkm v5  
  Gaming on the MK802IIIS  

Quad Core Graphics


Fancy gaming? The V5 features a Quad Core Mali T764 3D Graphics Proccessor which means its finally possible to bring the most complex and graphically rich Android titles to the big screen!


The V5 Quad Core is one of the fastest Android devices around, the combined power of the Quad Core A17 RK3288 SOC and Mali Graphics allow stunning performance in up to 4K resolutions.


The onboard hardware video decoders make it easier than ever to view any content, whatever format it's in.


Get Connected


The V5 features 2 x Full Size USB Host (1 x OTG), RJ45 Ethernet, Micro SD slot, Wifi 802.11ac & Bluetooth 4.0LE


The Rikomagic V5 also comes with 16GB of internal storage for apps, media etc. The micro SD card can be used to expand the storage further.


V5 side view


All the best Apps


The Rikomagic V5 comes with the latest Android OS which includes the Google Play Store so you can have access to thousands of apps ready to install easily on the device.



MK802 Android Apps



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